Transit Visa to Russia

Russian visas come in various types, with each entry permit serving a different purpose of usage. If you plan to transit through Russia while on your way to another destination, make sure first to obtain the appropriate entry permit.

There are two options for every traveler to use. You can either apply for the regular transit visa via a Russian Consulate or an Embassy or apply online for the electronic visa to Russia. The latter option is much more simple. The application process is effortless and can be completed within minutes using any working device.

Read on to learn the differences between regular transit visas to Russia and the electronic alternative. Find out more about the circumstances in which you actually need to obtain the transit visa, the fees, validity period, and more!

In what cases do I need a transit visa for Russia?

To travel through the Russian federation without any kind of entry permit, you must comply with a few conditions. To transit visa-free, make sure that:

  • your stay won’t exceed 24 hours
  • you won’t leave the airport’s transit area

Otherwise, you must apply for either a regular transit visa or an electronic one to be able to transit through the country without encountering any problems on your travel.

Russian transit visa requirements

To start the application process for the Russian transit visa, you must first collect some necessary documents. Please find below the list of the obligatory paperwork that must be submitted at an authorized Russian Consulate or Embassy when applying for the transit entry permit:

  • a passport (that will not expire for a minimum of 6 months from the planned date of leaving the Russian territory)
  • a filled and signed by the applicant form (downloaded from an official Russian government website)
  • the applicant’s photo (that meets the passport photo requirements)
  • a copy of the onward ticket
  • a valid visa for the country you’re traveling to after leaving Russia (as long as a visa to that country is needed)

Please note! Transit visas are issued only after the submission of complete paperwork. Gather the necessary documents before starting the application process.

Important! If you should leave Russia within 24 hours from arriving, you won’t need a visa to transit.

How to submit an application for the transit visa to Russia?

Once you’ve collected the required documents, all you need to do is submit them to any authorized Russian Embassy or Consulate. Cover the fees for the transit visa while at an appropriate institution and wait for approval.

The processing time may take 10-20 days and the fee differs according to various factors, such as the applicant’s nationality. It ranges from 30 to even 300 EUR.

How long is the transit visa valid for?

Transit visas are issued by the Russian Consulate or any other appropriate institution for a maximum period of 10 days. Moreover, the maximum stop-over time in any location throughout the country can is 3 days.

When traveling through Russia by road, it’s crucial to establish how long the journey will take. Since it cannot exceed 10 days, make sure to plan ahead.

A better alternative to the Russian transit visa

All eligible foreign travelers who have a valid passport, travel insurance, and their face photo can apply for the Russian e-Visa online.

The electronic permit is a single-entry visa that allows travelers to stay in the country for up to 8 days. Have your passport on hand, complete the application form just 4 days before the planned trip, and receive the approved document via email.

There is no need to visit a Consulate nor any other facility. Applying online takes just a few minutes, and the online visa experts take care of handling the necessary permit while you relax and plan your transit journey.

Benefits of applying for an e-Visa

Applying for an e-Visa instead of the regular entry permit obtained at the Embassy grants its holders numerous benefits. Especially when it comes to the application process. The pros include:

  • a shorter waiting period for approval
  • no visits to the Embassy needed since the whole process is completed online
  • full assistance of e-Visa experts via email and phone
  • intuitive and quick application process (can be completed within minutes, even using a phone)
  • fewer documents to gather
  • approved e-Visa is delivered straight to your email box

Hesitate no more and apply for your Russian visa online for an effortless traveling experience!

FAQ on the Russian transit visas

Can you get a Russian transit visa at the airport?

No, the transit visa application form must be submitted at a Consulate or an Embassy before your visit, along with the appropriate documents. You can also make a Russian e-Visa application online 96 hours before the planned trip and receive it at your email box.

Do I need a visa to transit through Moscow?

Yes! Transiting through the Russian capital city – Moscow, also requires having a visa. However, as long as your waiting period for the connecting flight is shorter than 24 hours, you don’t need any kind of entry permit. Moreover, in such a case, you cannot leave the transit zone at the airport.

Do you need a transit visa for connecting flights?

The only exception in which you don’t need a transit visa for the Russian federation is when your connecting flight is taking off within 24 hours from arriving in the country. Otherwise, it’s necessary to apply for the Russian visa issued for transit purposes.

Do Indian citizens need a transit visa for Russia?

Yes! Indian citizens who wish to transit through Russia for more than 24 hours or plan to leave the airport must have an appropriate permit to complete their journey. Apply either at an Embassy or use the e-Visa for an 8-day transit trip!