Tourist Visa to Russia

Tourist visa for Russia is the most popular entry permit to get out of many different types available. As with all regular Russian visas, the tourist one can be issued as either a single, double, or multiple-entry permit. Your nationality decides on the type you’d be eligible for.

Whether you are a railway-lover and want to try the famous trans-Siberian railway, a nature-enthusiast who wants to take a closer look at the second-largest geyser field in the whole world, or maybe you want to simply explore the beautiful Moscow city; the tourist visa will suit your trip perfectly.

The single and double-entry permit can be issued for up to 30 days of stay; however, some countries can apply for the third visa type, allowing numerous entries within a 3-year validity period.

Read on for all necessary information regarding the application process, the requirements to meet, and everything on the Russian e-Visa that allows an 8-day stay for tourist visits!

Tourist visa for Russia – required paperwork

As in the case of all regular Russian visas, applicants must prepare a few documents and submit them at the nearest Russian Embassy, Consulate, or a Visa Center.

TIP! Start gathering the required documents at least a few weeks prior to the travel since some of them must be official and take some time to be issued.

Every applicant must have the following documents ready:

  • a passport that will not expire for a minimum of 6 months past the intended date of leaving Russia (make sure it also has at least 2 blank pages available for stamping)
  • a completed and signed Russian visa application form
  • the applicant’s face photo (should meet the passport photo size and requirements)
  • an official document describing the traveler’s itinerary (issued either by the Russian hotel you’ll be staying at or a travel agency if you’re using one’s services)

The official document that provides information on the planned itinerary and the trip cannot be just a hotel booking confirmation. The document must be issued by either a travel agency or the hotel itself.

Please note! Applications with incomplete paperwork may not be positively processed. Make sure that you collect the necessary documents before starting the application process.

How to apply?

The next step after collecting the required documents before your visit to the Russian Federation is submitting them at the closest Russian Consulate, Embassy, or Visa Center.

Ensure that the visa application form has been filled with correct information and that you have every document that needs to be submitted.

Upon providing the paperwork at any official Russian institution from the ones mentioned, make sure to cover the fee. The costs differ depending on the applicant’s nationality.

Now, wait for the application to be processed by the Russian Federation’s authorities. The processing time may even take up to 20 business days.

Russia e-Visa for an easier travel

It’s worth noting that visiting the Russian Federation is also possible with an electronic visa. The Russian e-Visa is obtainable entirely online, without the need to visit an Embassy or any other authorized institution.

Grab your valid passport, medical insurance, and the applicant’s face photo that can be taken with a phone or a PC camera. With those elementary documents, complete the application process within minutes from home!

Apply online anywhere at any time to receive the approved single-entry e-Visa to Russia for an 8-day stay.

Online Russian visa characteristics

Since the Russian Federation government has introduced the electronic visa, traveling to this vast country has been extremely effortless!

All Russian e-Visa holders are granted:

  • a 96-hour maximum processing time (with 72 hours on average)
  • an 8-day stay
  • a completely online application process
  • a simple e-Visa application form (you only need to provide some basic personal and travel details)
  • a 3-step intuitive process of applying that can be done within minutes
  • a team of experts ready to assist at all times
  • the approved e-Visa arriving straight at your email address in the form of a PDF file

Apply online to stay in Russia for up to 8 days for all tourism-related visits, including family visits!


How do I get a tourist visa for Russia?

To get the Russian visa for tourist visits, first, collect the required documents. For a complete list of the necessary documents to gather, take a look at the ‘Required Paperwork’ section. Next, after filling the application form, submit everything to the closest Embassy or other institution. Another way to obtain the necessary entry permit is to apply for an e-Visa online within minutes from home!

How much is a tourist visa for Russia?

The Russian tourist visa fee varies depending on what is the applicant’s nationality. It’s best to contact the Embassy or a Consulate for further information regarding the costs. The fee must be covered upon document submission.

Do I need a tourist visa for Russia?

Besides the CIS (the Commonwealth of Independent States) countries, every foreign traveler must have an appropriate entry permit to visit Russia. In case of touristic visits, it must be either a regular Russian tourist visa or an e-Visa. Apply 4 days in advance for the electronic visa or a few weeks prior to arrival for the regular one.

How long does it take to get a Russian tourist visa?

The time in which the regular Russian visa gets processed may differ depending on the circumstances. However, it should take maximally up to 20 business days. To get your visa much sooner, apply for the electronic visa online! It’s approved within a maximum of 4 days and usually within 72 hours from submitting the form.