Student Visa to Russia

Most foreign countries need a student visa to visit Russia for the purpose of studying. The only exception is when it comes to citizens from countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States. This type of entry permit is perfect for any educational visits, including studying at a Russian university or taking up a course.

Please note! If you plan on visiting Russia to attend a seminar or handle any business affairs, it’s best to travel with an e-Visa. (As long as your trip won’t exceed 8 days.) Or apply for the humanitarian visa that will most likely be valid for one year upfront.

Russian student visa stays effective for 90 days (three months) and can be extended up to one year of stay. Make sure to apply for an extension before your entry permit expires. You can elongate your stay all the way until you finish the study/course taken.

If you plan to study in Russia, make sure to read on! Learn all about the process of preparing the required documents, how can you submit your application, how long is the processing time, and check the last section to see what alternatives to the regular visa do you have!

Russian student visa – required documents

There are a few documents to prepare before starting the application process for the Russian student visa. The application process preparation must start in advance since some of the documents need to be official and take time to handle.

First, do some research and make sure that you have selected the university or any other academic entity you want to study. This step is crucial as you will need an official document from the chosen school.


  • your valid passport
  • an official invitation for the study trip (from the Russian university)
  • a filled and printed application form
  • applicant’s face photograph
  • a negative HIV test

Please note! If you’re underage (under the age of 18) and plan to travel to Russia to study, you must have an official, noted parental consent.

Russian student visa application

The application process for the student visa for Russia consists of a few stages. The first one, as was mentioned earlier, is choosing the preferred university or school. Once you select the educational entity, enroll in the selected course, pay the fees, and make sure to ask for a written invitation to be issued.

The first step is to fill the student visa application form that requires attaching a couple of necessary documents (described in the previous section). Once you have the filled form and the required documents, visit the Russian visa center or an Embassy/Consulate to submit them.

Schedule and attend a visa interview to prove the purpose of your visit to the country’s officials, along with presenting the documents required for the student entry permit.

Russian student visa processing

All foreign citizens that have submitted the student visa application form at the appropriate institution and have undergone the interview must now wait for approval.

The visa processing time alone can take up to three weeks. However, make sure to consider the time you will need to spend on gathering the required documents. Obtaining the official letter of invitation and taking the HIV test may take some time.

Please note! The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs requires that all holders of regular visas register them upon arrival. Do not forget to make your registration once you cross the country’s border.

Student visa extension

The Russian student visas can be easily extended if you collect and present the appropriate documents. The best way to extend your entry permit’s validity is to contact the relevant department at the educational institution you study at.

Foreign students should ask what paperwork do they need to present to extend the study visa. Make sure to start the extension procedure at least 30 days prior to your entry permit expiry.

e-Visa to Russia

If you want to study in Russia, choosing the appropriate education facility is crucial. The best way to get to know this transcontinental country and find out more about the Russian people’s culture and customs is to visit it beforehand.

Submit a Russian visa application form online for an 8-day trip to learn more about the country. e-Visa can be used for all tourism and business-related visits.

All you have to prepare is a passport that will stay valid for at least 6 months from the planned date of the travel, the applicant’s face photo taken using a phone, and purchased travel insurance.

Contrary to obtaining student visas, getting the Russian e-Visa is a lot less time-consuming since it requires no visits to an Embassy nor a Consulate! Apply within minutes from home or any other place following a 3-step process and get to know Russia more!