Russian Work Visa

Russian work visa is an entry permit that may be issued even for up to 3 years for all foreign nationals who recently were offered a job post in Russia. There are a few different types of this employment visa introduced by the Russian government. It can come in the form of a single-entry or a multiple-entry visa.

Please note! You can only apply for a Russian work visa upon receiving a job post in the country. Your future employer must take part in the visa application process along with you.

If you plan on working for a Russian company or have already been offered a position, make sure to read on for all the essential information regarding the application process, the required documents, the work visa validity period, and more!

Types of work visa for the Russian federation

There are three groups of the Russian work visa we can distinguish. Each one differs depending on the applicant’s nationality of skills that contribute to a higher salary.

  1. Foreign nationals that earn less than R1 million can apply for the standard work visa along with the temporary residence permit. This type of entry permit must be extended every year for as long as your employment contract stays valid for.
  2. Highly qualified professionals (that earn more than the earlier mentioned amount of money) are granted an entry permit that gives the most freedom to its holders. This work visa type stays valid for three years and is approved within 14 days. Moreover, it allows your relatives to stay in Russia as well.
  3. Lastly, citizens from the countries of the Commonwealth of the Independent States don’t need a visa to visit Russia, nor do they need a Russian work visa. However, they still must obtain a work patent that allows them to travel to Russia and find a job after arrival (within 60 days from entering).

Please note! A work visa for Russia can be issued as either a single-entry or a multiple-entry permit, depending on several factors, including one’s nationality. The validity period for the single-entry work visa is usually three months (90 days), while the multiple one can stay valid from a year up to 3 years.

How can I prepare for the work visa application process?

The first step to take when one wants to obtain a work visa for Russia is to collect a few documents and forward them to your employer. The employer then submits the received paperwork at the nearest GUVM (General Administration for Migration Issues) in Russia.

Make sure to prepare copies of the following documents:

  • a valid passport or an ID card
  • any certificates proving your qualifications
  • a medical certificate to ensure you’re free from diseases
  • the applicant’s face photo (in color)
  • proof of fees coverage

Please note! Your employer applies for a work visa invitation, not the Russian work visa itself. Once you obtain the appropriate invitation, continue the application process.

The next step requires preparing other necessary documents to be submitted to your nearest Russian Consulate or an Embassy. Get ready with:

  • your travel document
  • the applicant’s face photo
  • the received work visa invitation
  • the medical certificate
  • a written letter by the applicant’s employer containing the following details: dates of the employment contract, work description, localization of the job post, any other details covering the job to be undertaken in Russia
  • a completed application form (obtained from the official Russian Consulate/Embassy website)

The processing time may take up to 20 days or even be prolonged if necessary. Moreover, the Russian authorities may ask for additional documents to be submitted.

What other entry permits to Russia are there?

If you plan on getting employment in Russia, we suggest visiting this country prior to working there. Get to know the locals’ customs, look for work opportunities, see if you would feel at home by visiting Russia for a short-term trip first.

The best way to do it is by visiting the Russian Federation with an electronic entry permit. Apply for a visa online using your laptop or even a phone at any preferred time! Contrary to the Russian work visa that serves as a multiple-entry permit), the online one is a single-entry permit that allows an 8-day stay in the country.

With an e-Visa, you can:

  • attend business meetings, conferences, and seminars
  • look for new job opportunities
  • visit your friends and family
  • explore this beautiful transcontinental country

Since the Russian visa application can be made online, there is no need to visit any official institution. The approved entry permit arrives straight to your email box in PDF form. The e-Visa processing time is just 96 hours, with an average of 72 hours!

Get to know the Russian work environment better before applying for the work visa and ensure that you want to stay there.

Please note! To get the e-Visa on time, applicants must submit the form at least 4 days ahead of the planned trip.