Russian visa photo specification

The most crucial step when applying for the Russian visa online is preparing the required documents. Attaching the appropriate paperwork to your e-Visa application is key to receiving positive approval as quickly as it’s possible.

One of the e-Visa requirements elements is the applicant’s face photograph. Read on to learn all about preparing a good face photo and what other documents are necessary to complete the application process.

Russian e-Visa requirements

First, let’s go through all of the required documents that make a complete paperwork when applying for the Russian visa online.

Luckily, the documents are elementary, and gathering them won’t take much of your time. Before starting the application process, make sure that you have the following:

  • applicant’s passport that will not expire for at least six months from the planned date of the trip to the Russian Federation
  • medical insurance covering the costs of the trip
  • the applicant’s face photo

Once you collect the above-listed documents, you may start applying online. Use any working device with an internet connection and fill the application form with the necessary data.

Russian e-Visa photo requirements

Taking the photograph of your face for the online form is as simple as the whole e-Visa application process. You can take the photo using a phone or a PC camera. Remember a few details:

  • the photo can be blurred or over-exposed; make sure that the lighting is neutral
  • the photo must show your whole face, preferably with a neutral expression
  • your face can’t be covered by glasses, hats, or any other head covering
  • the photo quality should be good and in portrait style
  • keep your eyes open
  • avoid any shadows and keep the photo size similar to passport photos

Considering the above-listed photo requirements, it still allows you to take the required picture within minutes from home. If you make sure that your face is clearly visible and you do not cover any part of it, your photo will be readily accepted.

How to apply for a Russian visa online?

Now that you have all of the required documents gathered and have taken the photo with your PC camera or phone, you are fully ready to start applying.

Since the Russian visa can be obtained entirely online, you won’t have to leave your home to submit your application. With the required documents on hand, start applying using any working device with an internet connection.

Russian visa online application guide to follow:

  • Provide your data in the application form. Put your name, surname, birth date, nationality, passport details, and active email address. Thoroughly check if your application does not contain any errors.
  • Next, attach the required documents, including your photo that shows your face without any shadows or blurs. The photo can be taken with a phone or PC camera.
  • Lastly, cover the electronic Russia visa fees and wait for your application approval.

The electronic Russia visa is usually approved within 72 hours; however, the processing time may take up to 96 hours. Apply online at least four business days before the planned trip to the Russian Federation to receive the necessary entry permit on time.

Benefits of applying for the Russian visa online

Are you tired of the time-consuming and stressful visits to the Embassy to handle your visa? The Russian government has found a solution to this problem, introducing the electronic visa system.

You can get your visa to Russia online following an extremely easy process. Applying for an e-Visa comes with numerous benefits to the applicants, including:

  • only four days of waiting time
  • approved online Russian visa delivered to the applicant’s email box
  • e-Visa coming in the form of a PDF file
  • a professional team of experts support
  • a quick and intuitive application process
  • the possibility to apply using your phone, laptop, or any other device
  • an utterly online process of applying
  • elementary required documents
  • applicant’s face photos can be taken using a phone or a PC camera (basic photo requirements)

Hesitate no more! Apply your visa to Russia online using our simple application form and let the professionals handle your entry permit. Relax, plan your journey, and focus on you while we arrange everything you will need for your trip.