Russian e-Visa for Canadian Citizens

An 8-day trip to Russia is now available to all Canadian citizens traveling with an electronic visa! The Russian e-Visa serves for both tourism and business purposes of usage.

Whether you plan on visiting your friends and family residing in Russia, explore the capital city of Moscow, learn more about the Russian culture and customs, or even go on a business trip, e-Visa enables all of that and so much more!

Read on for all essential information for every Canadian citizen planning a trip to Russia! Find out how you can get the necessary entry permit in just 96 hours, what documents do you need to prepare, and what are the three steps of the online application process.

More information about the e-Visa for Russia

Why was the online Russian visa even introduced? The country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs implemented the electronic visa system to ease the traveling restrictions, increase the number of foreign travelers and help boost the tourism industry.

Visiting the Russian Federation with this effortless system is as easy as it can get. Moreover, all Canadian travelers are eligible to make an online application!

Russian e-Visa characteristics:

  • serves as a single-entry permit
  • allows an 8-day stay in the country
  • can be used for both tourism and business purposes
  • is processed within maximally 4 days
  • once approved, it is delivered directly to the Canadian applicant’s email box

What documents are required for Canadian citizens?

The most important thing when preparing for the Russian online visa application process is collecting the required documents, which then must be attached to an online form.

If you are a Canadian citizen who plans on applying for a Russian visa online, make sure to gather the following documents:

  • proof of having purchased medical insurance covering the trip
  • a digital photo of the applicant’s face (that can be taken with your phone or a PC camera)
  • a valid Canadian passport

Please note! Your passport cannot expire for at least 6 months forth from the planned date of the trip. Make sure to check your travel document validity before submitting the form; otherwise, your application may not be successfully approved.

Russian e-Visa application guide for Canadian citizens

Now, after collecting the required documents, only three simple steps are what’s keeping you off the approved e-Visa for Russia. To start the application process, choose the purpose of your travel (business or tourism).

Next, spare a few minutes to complete these steps:

  1. Provide your details in the application form: put in your nationality and other essential information regarding you – the applicant and your trip to Russia. Carefully check if there are no errors, no misinformation, or any missing data.
  2. Use any online payment method to cover the online Russian visa fees. All Canadian applicants can choose between various online payment methods, including PayPal, PayU, credit/debit cards, and other.
  3. Wait for approval. This is the last step in the whole Russian e-Visa application process! You will wait up to 96 hours from submitting the form to receive an approved electronic visa via email.

Isn’t that simple? Well, we can make it even less complicated! If you need any help or further assistance, our team of experts is here to serve you via email or phone. Do not hesitate to contact us whenever you need!

Benefits that come with using an e-Visa

Are you a Canadian citizen who is considering applying for an e-Visa to visit the Russian Federation? Are you not really sure if you should use an online visa?

Look at the following list of benefits that the electronic visa to Russia gives its holders and let these help you make up your mind:

  • the electronic entry permit can be used as both a tourist or a business visa
  • allows you to travel to Russia for up to 8 days
  • is obtainable entirely online!
  • gets delivered to each applicant via email as a PDF file
  • applying online takes just a few minutes of your time!
  • a team of experts takes care of handling your online visa while you pack your bags and plan your itinerary
  • gets approved usually within 72 hours and in a maximum of 96 hours!

Travel to Russia with an e-Visa without visiting an Embassy! All you have to do is grab your valid passport and submit the filled application form using your phone, laptop, or any other device!


How can a Canadian citizen get a Russian visa?

All Canada citizens have several options to choose from; however, the best option so far is applying for an online visa when traveling to the Russian Federation. To omit the time-consuming and stressful visits to the Embassy, apply online with your valid passport on hand!

How can a Canadian citizen apply for the Russian e-Visa?

Canada citizens that wish to apply for the Russian e-Visa must follow three quick steps. Carefully put your data in the application form, making sure there are no errors. Next, cover the fees and wait for the approval. The online visa will be delivered straight to your email box!

Can I go to Moscow with an e-Visa?

The electronic visa for Russia allows all travelers from Canada to explore Moscow and all of its attractions! Make sure that upon crossing the Russian Federation’s border, you have your valid passport and your e-Visa ready!

How hard is it to get a Russian visa online?

Getting the Russian visa online is more than simple! With no visits to the Embassy, long waiting lines, or excessive paperwork, e-Visa is available after completing three simple steps using any working device. Spare just a few minutes to apply online and visit the Russian Federation from Canada for up to 8 days!