Russian e-Visa Costs

Thanks to the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, all eligible travelers now have an effortless electronic visa system at low costs! All you have to do is complete a three-step process that is intuitive and quick.

Apply online anywhere at any time. You can complete the form at home or while on a break at work. Have your valid passport on hand along with other supporting documents and submit the form within minutes. This e-Visa is a single-entry permit that makes it possible for travelers to stay in Russia for up to 8 days.

You can use it to visit your friends and family, explore Moscow and other prominent cities, go on a business trip, negotiate and handle any business matters, or simply relax on a vacation trip. Since visa to Russia can now be obtained entirely online, more and more people decide to visit this transcontinental country and explore its vastness.

Read on to learn all about the Russian e-Visa fees, how can you cover them, and how long will the processing time be once you complete this step.

How much does the Russian e-Visa cost?

The best part about the Russian e-Visa is its low costs. Making the payment is the second step in the electronic visa application process that comes directly after filling the form.

TIP! Once you provide the necessary travel and personal data in the application form, make sure to double-check if there are no errors. That way, you can avoid any delays or possible issues with approval.

The e-Visa to the Russian Federation that allows an 8-day stay in the country, costs XX.

How can I cover the Russia e-Visa fees?

There are several methods applicants can use to cover the Russian e-Visa fees. You can choose any preferred method of online payment to pay for the costs of issuing your online visa to Russia. Use your credit/debit card, a PayPal account, PayU, or any other method you find most convenient.

As soon as your payment registers, you will receive a confirmation number delivered directly to your email box. You can use it to check the status of your electronic visa while it’s processing using this number.

Should you need to contact our support team, remember to always have the confirmation number on hand. That way, we can help you in a more efficient way!

How long will I wait for the online visa to Russia to be issued?

There are two conditions to meet to ensure positive and quick e-Visa for Russia approval, you must:

  • fill the application form with mistake-free information (thoroughly check for any errors)
  • cover the Russian electronic visa fees

Once those two steps are completed, you will receive a confirmation number. From that point on, a group of experts is working on obtaining your e-Visa.

The average processing time is just 72 hours. However, that time can be extended to 96 hours. Thus, it’s crucial to submit the e-Visa form at least 4 business days prior to your trip to Russia.

Benefits of using an electronic visa

Using an electronic visa to visit Russia or any other country comes with numerous benefits for the holders. You are granted:

  • an entirely online application process
  • 3-business days of the average processing time
  • the possibility to submit the form using any working device (you can even apply using your phone!)
  • full assistance from our support team
  • basic supporting documents to be attached
  • an 8-day stay in Russia
  • no Embassy visits!

FAQ Section

Can I get a visa for Russia online?

Yes! Moreover, is as easy as it can be! The application process consists of three simple steps that can be completed on any working device with an internet connection. The e-Visa will then be delivered to your email box in the form of a PDF file. Print it out and travel to Russia for up to 8 days!

How high are the online Russian visa costs?

The e-Visa for the Russian Federation costs XX. All applicants can choose between various online payment methods to cover the electronic visa costs. Use your credit or debit card, try paying using your PayPal account, or via PayU, and receive the confirmation number once you’re done covering the fees.

How can I submit an application for an e-visa for Russia?

To get the visa for the Russian Federation online, you must simply fill the e-Visa application form and attach the required documents to it. Prepare your valid passport, medical insurance, and the applicant’s face photo that can be taken even using a phone. Next, cover the fees and wait for the approved entry permit to arrive at your email address!