Russia visa for Egyptian Citizens

Is your trip to Russia coming soon, and you’re still not sure what kind of entry permit do you need and how to obtain one? Don’t worry; we are here to guide you through the whole process, including preparation before applying.

Every Egyptian citizen planning a visit to the Russian Federation must obtain either a tourist visa or any other regular entry permit from the Embassy. There are seven main types from which you can choose; each one was designed for a different purpose of usage.

You can visit your friends and family residing in Russia, explore the Moscow tourist attractions, go on a business trip to take care of any professional matters you have to deal with, work for a Russian employer, have a layover in the country when reaching your final destination through Russia, or help other by volunteering.

Unfortunately, Egyptian citizens are not currently eligible to apply for an e-Visa to Russia, which is much easier to obtain. Should the Russian government broaden the list of countries eligible for an online visa and include Egypt, your future trips to this transcontinental country would become effortless!

Russian visa for Egyptian citizens – more information

No matter which Russian visa type should you choose, the tourist one, the private visa, the humanitarian, business, transit, or other, you can’t be precisely sure what will the validity period be until the end of the process.

Regular visa to Russia can be issued for 30 days of stay or more and stay valid for 3 months or even 3 years. It all depends on your nationality and the overall situation.

Citizens of Egypt should first choose the type of visa they want to apply for, then prepare the necessary documents, and finally, submit them at the nearest Russian Embassy or a Consulate.

What documents should the Egyptian citizens prepare for the Russian visa?

As was in the case of the validity period and the length of the permitted stay, the required documents differ as well. What kind of paperwork will have to be submitted to the Russian Embassy depends on the type of entry permit you should select.

If you plan a short vacation or recreational trip, we suggest applying for the regular tourist visa with the following documents on hand:

  • filled with your data and travel itinerary, visa application form
  • a photo of the person that is applying (make sure you choose one that is similar to your passport photo. Do not cover your face in any way, including by wearing glasses)
  • a passport with a minimum validity of 6 months extending beyond the planned date of leaving the territory of Russia
  • an official document issued by the Russia tourist hotel, or a travel agency you plan on going with. The document must act as an itinerary describing your trip; however, it must be official

Applying for different Russia visa types requires a different kind of preparation, e.g., arranging an official invitation letter. Make sure to find out what must be included in the paperwork that is to be submitted to the Russian Embassy in accordance with the type of entry selected.

Russian visa application for Egyptian citizens

The most crucial step when applying for a tourist visa or any other entry permit type, for that matter, is preparing beforehand. Thus, make sure that you have complete paperwork before starting the process of applying.

Next, submit the collected documents, including the filled visa application form, to the closest Embassy of the Russian Federation in Egypt.

If the Russian authorities find it necessary, you may need to submit additional supporting documents. Otherwise, all there’s left to do is wait for the approval.

Unfortunately, contrary to obtaining an online visa, where the processing time takes maximally 4 days, the regular visa waiting time is a bit longer. Russia visa processing may take up to 20 business days. Make sure to submit your application appropriately in advance to receive the approved document on time.


Do citizens of Egypt need a visa to Russia?

Yes! Anyone traveling from Egypt to Russia needs a visa to visit this transcontinental country. Prepare your valid passport (for at least 6 months) and other required documents and submit your application to the nearest Embassy. You can choose to travel with a Russia tourist visa or any other entry permit that will suit your needs best!

Is Russia issuing tourist visas for Egyptians?

Yes! The most commonly used type of the regular Russia visa is the tourist one. Most often, it comes in the form of a single-entry permit issued for a stay of 30 days. There are also other types of this entry permit, e.g., a private visa dedicated for anyone who plans on visiting their friends and family residing in the Russian Federation.

Is Russia friendly to Egyptian tourists?

Millions of tourists visit Russia every year, including those from Egypt. Russia is exceptionally welcoming since their tourism industry is constantly growing! Don’t worry about the hospitality of Russian people; you can freely explore the country’s attractions with the Russia tourist visa or handle any other matters you’d come for.

Can the citizens of Egypt get a visa for Russia online?

Unfortunately, currently, travelers from Egypt do not qualify for the single-entry Russian e-Visa and have to obtain a regular entry permit at a Consulate or any other official institution. The standard Russia tourist visa is most often selected and allows you to spend 30 days on your trip.