Private Visa to Russia

A private visa for Russia is yet another type of entry permit for this transcontinental, vast country. This specific visa type was designed for all foreign citizens who plan to visit their friends or family members residing in Russia.

It can come in the form of either a single or double-entry permit. It is issued for 30 or even 90 days (three months). To visit the Russian Federation with a private visa, make sure to prepare for the application process appropriately so that your request is successfully processed.

Read on to find out what documents will be needed to collect, where you should submit the paperwork, and how one can complete the application process.

How can you prepare for the Russian private visa application process?

Applying for any of the regular visas to Russia requires collecting a few documents; some of them must be issued by an appropriate institution. It’s crucial to start the preparations a few weeks in advance to get the necessary private visa on time.

This section describes in detail which documents should be gathered and attached to the application form before submitting all of the paperwork in either an Embassy or a Russian Consulate.

To apply for the Russian private visa, make sure that you have:

  • passport valid for at least 6 months from the intended date of arrival
  • a completed official application form with the applicant’s face photo attached
  • proof of having purchased travel insurance for Russia
  • a letter of invitation for the private visa to be issued

Please note! The application form must be obtained from the official Russian government website. Download it, provide the necessary information, and print it out.

How do I get the private visa invitation letter?

When preparing for applying for a private visa for Russia, the most important step is obtaining the official invitation letter. Without this document, your application won’t be processed.

Read on to learn how you can get the necessary private visa invitation letter. Ask your Russian friend or a relative who plans to invite you to submit a request for the invitation to be issued.

The private visa invitation request must be submitted to the General Administration for Immigration Issues at the GUVM, i.e., the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Russian Federation.

Your friend or relative must provide a copy of your passport, his/her passport, proof of having sufficient funds for inviting you, and other details concerning your stay.

If the inviter is a permanent Russian resident, they must also attach a copy of their permit to live in the country.

Please note! The private visa invitation letter processing time takes around 20 business days to be issued.

The application process

The most time-consuming part of the process is requesting and waiting for the private visa invitation letter to be issued. Once you collected all of the required documents and have completed and signed application form, submit everything to the closest Russian Consulate or an Embassy.

The Russian Federation officials will then process your application within a few weeks and issue the private visa for either a single or double-entry permit for 30 or 90 days.

Please note! The required documents for the Russian private visa application may differ depending on your nationality.

Russian e-Visa for a short-term stay

A private visa for Russia is not the only entry permit that can be used for visiting your friends and family residing there. A much easier option is to apply online for the Russian e-Visa that allows an 8-day stay in the country for all tourism-related trips, including visits to friends and relatives.

With a 96-hour processing time and a completely online application process, e-Visa is way more effortless to get!

Contrary to the private visa, which requires numerous documents to be collected and has a few weeks of processing time, the electronic one can be obtained entirely online. All you need is a valid passport, travel insurance, and the applicant’s face photo that can be taken using a phone or a PC camera.

To apply online, follow these simple steps:

  1. Fill the application form using any working device with an internet connection. Carefully provide your data, including basic personal and travel details. Make sure there are no errors and move on to the next step.
  2. Cover the fees using any preferred method of online payment and check your email box to see if you have received a confirmation number.
  3. The approved e-Visa for an 8-day stay will be delivered in the form of a PDF file. Check your email inbox after submitting the form. Most applications are processed within 72 hours; however, the maximum waiting period is 96 hours.

Submit the e-Visa application form to travel to Russia for 8 days and visit your friends and family. Moreover, you can also explore the country, visit tourist destinations, or even engage in any business activities.

Benefits of applying for an e-Visa

  • a quick and intuitive application process that consists of only 3 steps and can be completed within minutes
  • a 72-hour average time of approval
  • elementary requirements (only three documents that can be quickly gathered)
  • approved e-Visa arriving straight to the applicant’s email box in the form of a PDF file
  • the application process that can be completed anywhere at any time (even using your phone!)
  • support team’s availability via email and phone
  • the possibility of applying 100% online