Humanitarian Visa to Russia

Russia implemented the system of electronic visas beginning in 2017. Since then, it has been extending the list of eligible countries so that the number of all tourism and business-related visits increases. However, now there are more than just two types of this entry permit available.

Besides traveling for tourism or business, all foreign nationals can enter Russia for the purposes of studying, transiting, working, or other. This transcontinental country has also introduced an entry permit that is called a humanitarian visa.

The humanitarian visa to Russia serves for various purposes of travel, including:

  • taking care or establishing new relations with the Russian citizens when it comes to academic, culture-related, social, or even political matters
  • participating in sporting events or competing in them
  • activities related to religion
  • being a volunteer or acting on behalf of a charity
  • providing humanitarian help for others in need

Read on to learn all about the humanitarian visa requirements, the application process, what documents should you prepare, and what are the different types of this entry permit. Moreover, this article provides information on the online application form for the Russian e-Visa that is far more easy to get!

Humanitarian visa for Russia types

The humanitarian Russian visa application can be made for three types that differ regarding the length of the permitted stay and the validity period.

Please note! The type you’d be eligible for may differ depending on your nationality.

The Russian humanitarian visa comes in the following types:

  1. a single-entry visa valid for three months of stay in Russia
  2. a double-entry permit valid for three months
  3. a multiple-entry humanitarian visa that may be issued for up to one year

The only exception is for the citizens of the countries in the European Union that can apply for a multiple-entry permit that expires after 5 years from the issue. All thanks to the agreement between the EU and the Russian Federation.

What documents do you need to prepare to apply for the humanitarian visa for Russia?

There are four documents that need to be prepared before starting the application process for the humanitarian visa. However, the required documents may take a bit more time to collect than just grabbing your passport. Almost all of them must be official and issued by an appropriate institution.

Here is everything you need to gather in order to submit a successful application for the Russia humanitarian visa:

  • an invitation letter issued by the company or an organization you’ll be working or visiting Russia with: the letter must provide full details concerning the purpose of your trip, the name of the visitor and the organization/ company, contact data, explaining the coverage of the finances for the travel, etc.
  • a supporting document: this can come in the form of any of the three following documents.
  1. a letter of invitation issued by the Ministry of Interior of the Russian Federation. The host responsible for the trip is the one who is ought to handle this document, either in electronic or paper form.
  2. a letter of invitation or a written statement issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Russia. The host of the visitor to Russia should handle the invitation and, once obtained, pass the invitation number (6 digits) to the visitor.
  3. an official invitation letter written by the Russian host of the visitor. It must be signed and stamped by the head of the company or organization inviting the foreign visitor.
  • medical insurance: the last document on the list is a requirement dedicated only for citizens of certain nationalities, i.e., EU countries, Iceland, Iran, Israel, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Norway, Switzerland. It must be an official insurance policy provided by either a Russian or foreign company. Moreover, it must contain all of the necessary information about the medical coverage of the trip, such as the services included, the data of the insured person, the validity period, etc.

Should the Russian Federation officials find it necessary, visitors may have to submit additional documentation to their visa applications proving the purpose of their stay.

Important! Applicants’ passports must stay valid for at least 6 months forth from the intended date of the planned trip’s end.